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ho am I? (10)
















Growing up(9)








Grammar: Present Simple and Continuous, State and action verbs

Vocabulary: Personality adjectives,Identity Countries and nationalities(UK)


Grammar: going to and Present Continuous for plans and intentions,Direct and Indirect questions

Vocabulary: Travel plans,Charities, Holiday accommodations,Travel and holiday activities


Grammar: Past Simple,used to

Vocabulary: School and education,Childhood,-ed/-ing adjectives


Grammar: Past Continuous and Past Simple

Vocabulary: Music and literature,Phrasal verbs,Describing feelings and emotions


Наставне теме /                             Фонд часова по темама

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No place like home (11)











Eat up!(13)

Grammar: Comparative and superlative of adjectives,Relative pronouns

Vocabulary: Houses and gardens, Rooms and furniture,Adjectives describing places/homes,Types of housing,Describing pictures and atmosphere


Grammar: Countable and uncountable nouns,Quantifiers

Vocabulary: Food and drink,Types of diet and lifestyles,Restaurants and eating out,Meals describing food,Grading adjectives

Look to the future!(12)

Grammar: Going to and will(future predictions),Adverbs of probability with may, might and will,First Conditional

Vocabulary: Science and technology,Adverbs of probability,Ecology and the environment,Vocation and vocational texts