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Engleski 2 – plan

Nastavne teme/Fond casova po temama

Sadrzaji po temama

The world of work (10)







Love and trust (9)









The media (9)







Crime doesn’t pay(10)

Grammar: Gerund and infinitive

Vocabulary: Jobs and professions,Email addresses




Grammar: Present Perfect and contrast Present Perfect with Past Simple

Vocabulary: Relationships,Text message abbreviations




Grammar: The Passive

Vocabulary: Newspapers, magazines and the Internet, Tv, the Media



Grammar: Past Perfect,Articles

Vocabulary: Crime,criminals and the law


Nastavne teme/Fond casova po temama

Sadrzaji po temama

Entertain us! (11)







Health matters(13)

Grammar: Reported speech:Reporting statements

Vocabulary: Films and reviews, art and entertainment,Antonyms


Grammar: Second Conditional,Modals

Vocabulary: Sport and fitness,Health and illness


Grammar: Question tags

Vocabulary: The European union/European countries,Nation, society and government

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