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Join the club (11)








Keeping up-to-date (11)





An eye for an eye (9)

Grammar:Present Simple and Present Continuous,Reflexive pronouns,Order of adjectives

Vocabulary:Clubs,societies,organizations,Phrasal verbs,Clothes and accessories,Vocational texts


Grammar:Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous

Vocabulary:Computers and mobile phones,Phrasal verbs


Grammar:Past Simple,Past Continuous,Past Perfect,Used to/would

Vocabulary: The courtroom,Law and punishment,Crimes and justice,Criminals,Anti-social behaviour



Наставне теме /                             Фонд часова по темама

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S(he) (10)








The world ahead(7)

Grammar:Modals of possibility,ability,prohibition and obligation

Vocabulary:Personality adjectives with negative prefixes,Personality and behaviour,Synonyms,Vocational texts


Grammar: Future predictions,Adverbs of probability,Future:plans,intentions,arrangements,timetables,decisions

Vocabulary: Natural disasters, Vocational texts

Amazing animals(10)









Grammar: Zero,First and Second Conditionals,If and When Clauses

Vocabulary:Natural Disasters,Personality adjectives,Animal categories


Grammar: Third Conditional, I Wish, if only

Vocabulary:School work,Success and failure,Vocational texts