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Taking a break (10)








To err is human (10) 






Mysteries (8)

Grammar:The Passive


Vocabulary:Types of sports, Travelling by plane,At the airport, Statistics, Describing places 




Grammar:Reported speech:statements, time expressions, questions and imperatives

Vocabulary:Reporting verbs, Work, Education


Grammar:Modals for speculation,Modal perfects Vocabulary: Verbs for descriptive storytelling,Adjectives describing places and atmosphere



Наставне теме /                             Фонд часова по темама

Садржаји по темама


Beauty and health (9)






It’s show time(6)

Grammar:Articles, have something done

Vocabulary:Adjectives describing appearance




Grammar: Indirect questions

Vocabulary: Types of cultural entertainment, Art, theatre and music,Film reviews

Sports and games(10)









Who cares?(11)

Grammar: Quantifiers, both, neither,either, all, none, most, Possessive s

Vocabulary:Sports and venues,Linking words, Football, Games and puzzles, Collocations and phrasal verbs


Grammar: Verb patterns

Vocabulary:Describing food, advertising, Shopping, Collocations